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Plus Size Sleeved Dress


Ladies Plus Size Sleeved Dresses

At Curvaceous, we understand the unique needs of the plus size women. That's why we provide a selection of dresses that offer the perfect combination of comfort, coverage, and freedom. Our Sleeved Plus Sizes Dresses are available in a choice of Plain or Printed colours, as well as Stretch, Part Stretch and No Stretch fabrics. With a choice of materials like Cotton, Rayon and plenty of other fabrics to help find a dress you will love. 

To ensure our customers can choose the perfect dress for them, we offer real measurements for each garment, including sleeve and bicep sizes.  On top of that, our product photos and videos give you a true look at how each dress looks and moves on real, plus size bodies. Plus, styling is easy – just add a pair of flats or heels, even some joggers, and accessorize with a belt, bag, or scarf to create a beautiful, complete look.

Sleeved Dresses

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