Will it fit

How to know my plus sized clothing will fit?

We understand that accurate measurements are crucial when shopping online for plus sized clothing. That’s why Curvaceous™ say "True to size" this means we provide the actual measurements of every piece of plus size clothing found on every product page below the photos we sell rather than a generalised size chart for all garments, which is often inaccurate.

It can be difficult knowing sizing since there is no standard sizing in Australia and all labels differ. We hope providing measurements of our brand helps you when shopping online. On all our measurements 2-4 cms variance will be acceptable, as this does happen and is within tolerance. We do however measure all items after steaming or ironing as out of the packet can be a different measurement due to crush or fabric.

You can find the measurement charts on every main product page within the description. 
Scroll down the product page where you do not find estimate "to fit" measurements but the actual measurements of the garment you are looking at.
When you see 2 measurements this is from a relaxed to a gentle to firm stretched measurement.  


The measurement is taken from side seam to side seam 1-3" under the armhole or sleeve depending on style and the fullest part of the bust and then doubled

Waist & Hips
The waist  measurement is taken from side to side at waist and at the fullest part of the hips and doubled

From highest shoulder point centre to the bottom seam for tops and dresses. For bottoms from the top of the waistband to bottom hem, unless otherwise specified on a product page

Sleeves & Biceps
A sleeve length is taken from the highest shoulder point to the seam and a bicep from the diagonal one side to the other then doubled.

Under bust Seams
We grade these and take the measurement from the highest shoulder point to the under bust seam

The rise is taken from the upper waist to crotch seam front and back

So what’s the best way to know the garment is going to fit?
We suggest measuring a similar fabric at home (i.e stretch or non-stretch material) to ensure a good fit, rather than your body measurements.

If you shop by your body measurements there's a few things you should remember 
For most stretch garments you want your bust to not be at the end of a stretch measurement, it would be stretching the fabric too much to fit. We only give the stretched measurement at the bust, not the waist and hips. 
For non-stretch garments you need to allow room, if your bust is 140cm you don't want to buy a top that is 140cm, it will be too tight! You need room to move. Allowing 10-15cm more on a no stretch garment so you have room is safe.
Measure your fullest part of your bust, natural waist line and hips. If you need extra help please feel free to email us your measurements. 
Handy Tips
With your waist and hips if you don’t want them to cling, make sure your body measurements are under the relaxed measurement shown 

For dresses, the general rule of thumb for dresses are get your bust fit right and the rest of the dress falls into place.

We encourage you to take the time to check measurements to get a fit that you are happy with. Of course if you need any help with your plus size clothing choices please contact us with your bust, waist and hip measurement and the garment you are looking at as most of the time we will give a good recommendation to get the right size for you knowing your measurements.