Penrith Showroom

Penrith Showroom 

13/10/21 - 

Gosh it has been a difficult 18 months with much uncertainty & nobody could have seen what was to come when this all started in March 2020. One thing that was always mentioned was “We were all in this together”

Curvaceous has always been an online business and prior to the lockdowns we opened once a month to the public, at this time we have made the decision that the showroom will remain closed.

There are several reasons from the pressures our team have felt as we have navigated through the changes in the way we design, manufacture and timeframes, the ever changing rules in NSW but the most important is Who I am as a person – I accept all people.

Anyone that knows Curvaceous or has followed us for any amount of time would know that we lift woman up, we give honest opinions if that garment suits you, we recommend a style that flatters you, we are here to just have a chat because that’s what you want, to say a kind word and to give you a smile because not enough people do this in today’s society.

Our team all have jobs but none of their jobs is to check your medical status, it’s none of our business. We don't wish to put people or ourselves in any position that causes anxiety or upset.

Curvaceous are remaining online only

We want to thank you for your support and love that you give us and understanding of our decision.