Penrith Showroom

Penrith Showroom Closed

Update 28/10/21  

Gosh it has been a difficult 18 months with much uncertainty & nobody could have seen what was to come when this all started in March 2020.  

Curvaceous started some 20 years ago and our main business model was an online business, Curvaceous has been built via our online presence.
Prior to the lockdowns we opened once a month to the public and we loved doing this, we loved seeing ladies happy, talking, laughing and feeling confident. One thing that we loved was the atmosphere our showroom had where women truly did have a wonderful time shopping just as much as we had a wonderful time serving you.

Which is why this decision has been such a difficult one and we have reached our limitations, we are not a big company, we are a small team and family business and whilst we have always tried to do as much as we can to make our customers happy we have had to make the decision to close the showroom opens. 

This was not an easy decision but the pressures and strain we have felt as we have navigated through many changes and are still navigating through we feel this is the best decision at this time & to ensure we do not neglect our main business model which is online.

Until we see certainty again for a good 6 month period, we remain as our business was built which is online and can only assess in mid 2022 if it is viable for us to do monthly showroom opens again.  

We want to thank you for your support and love that you give us and understanding of our decision & we continue online only for this time shipping Australia wide and to NZ.