About Us

Plus size Clothing Curvaceous Based In Penrith NSW

Curvaceous - ABN 97110080772

Who are We?
We are an Australian plus size women's clothing company. Our little business of designing plus size clothing started back in 1999 originally from our home in the Blue Mountains and then expanded out to renting a warehouse in Penrith NSW. We are still family run today with my daughters and husband on board and somehow thankfully we are blessed and we still laugh, love and be a family together even though we are in each other pockets almost 24/7.

We are also blessed to have the most beautiful staff members that have become part of our family, we are thankful for our growth over the years that has allowed our company to give Australians jobs. 

I started Curvaceous plus size clothing online as I have always been a woman with curves and I found we just had no range on the marketplace way back then! My goal was to have clothing that was not mass produced in the thousands and yet kept affordable, after all do you really want to go to that party seeing everyone else wear your dress? 

Online shopping for plus size clothing we are more than happy to help in any way we can, we are a down to earth friendly bunch and we welcome you to email us with any questions you may have.

We hope for plus size woman everywhere you find Curvaceous a brand you can trust and  a brand that let's you feel confident in the clothing you wear

Why have I not heard of you? 
You may be asking why have I never heard of you? Well we don't have the huge dollars behind us to spend on fancy advertising. We rely on word of mouth and our Facebook page is testament to the great number of customers we do have that have been buying plus size clothing from us for a very long time. If we don't spend huge budgets on advertising, we can keep our prices affordable the best we can. 

What Can I expect from the Curvaceous Label?
Curvaceous plus size clothing is a generous and good fitting range of clothing. We understand buying online can be difficult so hey, if it does not fit or simply does not suit return the garment for a refund (excludes sale clearance lines noted on the first line of a product description You can always feel comfortable in talking to us, we promise you will never get a sales push from us. I genuinely want woman to feel and look good about themselves and always happy to have a chat and help in any way I can.

How do you manufacture?
Curvaceous do not manufacture with huge factories, we use family factories, we have built relationships with small family factories over the years and take pride in the fact that we can support them just as they support us to bring Curvaceous designs to life! 

All the clothing on this site is not "ready made" it is the Curvaceous label designed in Australia by Jen and sized generously, with our beautiful factory workers understanding our label and our design and measurements to ensure a fit that is right for the plus size woman. 
Our batik wear manufactured in India is often hand dyed and hand made so finding the odd obscurity such as different shading, extra embroidery pieces is to be expected in the Batik range and this makes each piece unique in its own right. Most of these lines are handmade from the women and men in their community, each piece having the most beautiful details.  

All other lines are with our 2 China factories that we have worked closely with for many years that produce our clothing designs to our specifications. Again small family businesses that produce for us and we have a great relationship with. Our factories provide extras such as fruit for their breaks, payments to families if a worker is sick and unable to work, airconditioned premises, and pay correctly not at a poverty level that can happen with larger factories. The youngest staff member is 19 years of age.

Manufacturing overseas gives us the opportunity to provide a quality range that is affordable and our business provides jobs for our staff here in Australia.

Curvaceous is known to be generous in size and we provide measurements of every garment we sell, the general rule of thumb is Do not up-size with us, we have testaments and reviews all over our Facebook page in regards to our sizing being right and a sigh of relief when parcels arrive that things fit. 

Try the smaller guys of the business, a family owned Australian plus size clothing company stocking true to size plus size dresses, bottoms, tops and more that you won't find everyone else wearing. Apart from core lines such as camis, leggings, denim etc we manufacture no more than 300 pieces per print, once we sell out that's the end and it does not get restocked.