Let's Talk Sold Out Items

May 11, 2020

Hi Ladies 

Well what a whirlwind the past 6 weeks have been in Australia and around the world with Covid19. It has certainly brought it's challenges in the fashion retail sector and for us it has seen releases sell out ridiculously fast! 

I thought I would talk about sold out items - Curvaceous has seen us sell out of lines in record time in jacketssleepwearcasual tops and pants. Let's face it we could never have foreseen the circumstance we are in and ladies all wanting "home clothing" We have seen many lines sell out completely in all sizes and a huge influx in our size 24+ sell out in a matter of days to a couple of weeks.

Whilst we always take into account growth, one thing Curvaceous will never do is go into producing thousands of the same piece. We want to keep our brand as something special and not something you are going to find every other lady wearing. We are proud that we can do this and offer reasonable prices for plus size clothing that is limited. Quite often you have this in small sizes on the market and the prices can be in the hundreds just for a top because it is limited. Curvaceous have worked hard to provide a line that is limited and does not carry an "exclusive price tag" 

Curvaceous has always been a brand that provide a limited and exclusive line, not one that is mass produced in the thousands but a clothing line that is manufactured from 200 to 300 pieces per colour, once we sell out of a size or range then that is the end. It's nice to have something special and we don't want to become a mass selling merchant where you go to an event and you see another lady with your top or dress on.

The only exclusion to this is our core lines we do each season such as camis, core line pants and leggings.

We hope this explains a little bit more on why we can sell out fast and we hope to always keep new items coming in rather than going into producing more of the same item as this takes away the "special" behind a Curvaceous garment that we want our ladies to feel. 

 x Curvaceous