Pondering Thoughts About Curvaceous And Why

Posted by Jen x on Feb 10, 2020

Yikes, well here we go ... A blog post I was told to write and to start doing them at least on a monthly basis on Curvaceous Plus Size Clothing and I thought what am I going to blog about and light bulb moment, decided to write what I am passionate about - My business, because Curvaceous is more than just a brand created and selling clothing.

Curvaceous was a brand born where I wanted to provide plus size clothing to women that made them feel good, made them feel comfortable, made them feel like they can shop and not end up in tears because yet again nothing fits or it was an "it will do piece of clothing" Where shopping for clothing was almost traumatic. 

You see I have been plus size all of my life from a size 18 to a size 28 and 20 years ago... well lets just say we had no choice of plus size clothing like we do today! Life was hard as a young person and as I got older it still remained difficult to buy plus size clothing that actually fit my body shape, but certainly with so many brands coming onto the Australian market it has got easier over the years and I love that there is choice now and more variety than ever before to suit different tastes, needs and wants of women, because our label certainly won't be for everyone and that's ok! I encourage women to shop around, to buy from different places, to come into our showroom even with pieces from other brands that they are trying to match up. 

Curvaceous has been a blessing as it has allowed me to not only provide a clothing line that hopefully makes you feel great and look great but it has been a wonderful way to connect with women, building women up, always taking the time to have a chat, giving back to our Curvaceous community via giveaways and promotions and most importantly asking our customers "what do you want from your plus size clothing label" Yes I say Curvaceous is their label because without our beautiful customers we would not be where we are today. My customers will always be the forethought to everything I do when it comes to the designs we release season after season.

We are so lucky to have social media where we get to do all of the above with our customers, where we can connect and be personal, share and care and over time customers certainly become friends and part of the Curvaceous family.  

Curvaceous would not exist without the ongoing and amazing support of my husband who also full time works in the business, always being my biggest fan, the listener when I had "those break down moments" Always supporting me and always full of encouragement and then of course we now have staff and the girls that work with us are rock solid wonderful girls that love this business as much as Shane and I do, together we all make Curvaceous work and keep excelling to bring you a clothing label that puts a smile on your dial when you put that garment on .... and it fits where you need it to. 

Ok so first blog done and I hope you enjoyed being able to have some insight into Curvaceous.