How To Order




Ordering online is easy, simply add the items to your cart and when you are finished shopping go to Checkout. Or you can call us and place an order over the phone.

Step 1 Checkout as a guest and enter your email address or login if you have an account 


Step 2 Make sure your address details are filled out correctly 


Step 3 Choose a shipping method and click continue 


Step 4 Choose a payment method and click Place Order



Ordering Multiple Items/ Sizes With Us

As a small business we do not offer "Buy in multiples so you can try on" Packing large orders such as this takes time, wages and often high postage costs. Placing an order in multiple sizes on many items we reserve the right to reject. At Curvaceous we put all measurements for every item and whilst we understand this still can perhaps not be right for you, we will not process orders that we see ordering more than one style in multiple sizes. These large orders that we have allowed in the past we find the majority of the order is returned and only costs us time to pack, time to return and re-fold clothing, check that it is still saleable, has tags and put back on the warehouse shelves and often also incurs a free post above the normal retail order average.